Appeals Preparation for Upcoming Appeals on 26th June.

Thank you to all the people involved in the preparations, including the independent appeals advisers that have offered their expertise.

Friday 19th May – Hunts Post Photo Opportunity

Thank you to the families who were able to make it at short notice to the photo shoot for the Hunts Post.

Hunts Post Article

Monday 12th June – Children’s and Young People’s Committee Meeting

Thank you to Emma Stevens for presenting our petition, Business Plan and speaking on behalf of the campaign. The meeting went really well, with lots of positive comments and responses.

Click here to read the Business Case

RHCC meeting with Councillors and officers – 14th September 2017
Sunday 18th June – The Great Get Together, Station Square, Loves Farm 14:00-16:00

Thank you to everyone that came along and spoke with us. We had lots of positive comments and offers of help.

Sunday 7th May – Community Leaflet Dropping

Love’s Farm families had a lovely morning delivering leaflets to help highlight our campaign.

Great community spirit and lots of interested residents.

The Loves Farm Community Association meeting, Wednesday 20th July 2017

The current situation with regards to the campaign was discussed:

Emma Stevens advised that the campaign to increase school capacity for children on Loves Farm wishing to attend the Round House school continued. Appeals took place in June and as anticipated no children were successful as the criteria for infant class size appeal was so narrow. Julie Wisson advised that following presentation of a petition to the children and young people’s committee in May that officers were working on a solution to create additional school places for children from Love’s Farm in time for September 2018. Emma added that officers had also committed to ensuring that the solution would benefit 2017 intake and this was confirmed by Julie who said she was confident that this was being worked into the solution. It was noted that St Neots more widely may not have enough school places in September 2018 which was why the Council were looking to act now. Julie Wisson advised that there was only a Plan A being considered by officers for 2018 intake and when she was able to share this she would do so with the campaign and LFCA which she expected to be within a few weeks. She said that expansion of the current school site had been ruled out. It was not known by the campaign what the solution was but correspondence suggested that meetings were taking place with planners and developers. Urban and Civic who were in attendance for another agenda item advised they were meeting education and planning officers w/c 23 July and that although not impossible it was unlikely provision on the Wintringham site would be ready for 2018.

The committee was advised of the frustrations the campaign had with engaging with CCC officers about the future education provision on Loves Farm. There was disappointment from the campaign group and committee that the community was not being engaged as part of the solution or involved in the development of options for future provision, particularly given the support for the campaign by residents the school and councillors and the options set out in the business case.

Cllr David Wells and Cllr Ian Gardener advised that they had also requested a meeting with officers to understand the current situation and to ensure progress towards a suitable solution.

Emma advised that although families had accepted that 2017 intake children would not have a place at The Round House this year she hoped they would in future years. She added that momentum was growing among 2018 intake parents with the campaign continuing to ensure capacity for future years so that children on the estate can attend their local school if they wish. Action RHCC to continue to update LFCA

J Wilson to update RHCC and LFCA as soon as the proposed solution can be shared

Wednesday 3rd May – Informal Drop-in

Thankyou to everyone that came to the drop in. It was a really great evening with lots of issues raised. We had great support from local councillors at town, district and  County level and had some good ideas from them about working with the County Council to push for increased capacity at The Round House and the short term portakabin for this years intake.