St Neots – shortage of school places for 2018

It is likely that there will be a shortage of school places across St Neots for 2018.

The Round House Capacity Campaign are launching the 2018 campaign to find a permanent solution to the shortage of school places on Love’s Farm but also across St Neots.

Our aim is to

  • ensure that there is enough provision for children of Love’s Farm to attend their local community school
  • ensure our first round application children do not place pressure on school places elsewhere in St Neots

In 2017 there were 18 children who did not gain a place at The Round House Primary Academy and more who didn’t apply because they knew they wouldn’t get a place.

Our children have taken up places at schools across St Neots this year. We expect that in 2018 the number of children who won’t get a place will be higher and that even more in Catchment Area children won’t get a place.

Unfortunately The Round House site isn’t big enough to accommodate an expansion and so the solution will be a new school. There isn’t any other suitable land available on Love’s Farm, but the Council are trying to secure land as close to the Love’s Farm boundary as possible. It’s looking like this will be on the Wintringham Park site, but close to Cambridge Road.

As the new school wont be actually be within the Love’s Farm boundary the campaign group are particularly interested in how each trust propose to manage the school so that pupils still feel part of the Love’s Farm community. We are very keen that the new school feels part of Love’s Farm, and children attending both the new school and The Round House feel part of the same community. We have been reassured that this is also a priority for the Council and will be considered as part of the selection process.

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